Ryzen 處理器助 AMD 將市場佔有率提升至 31%

Ryzen 處理器助 AMD 將市場佔有率提升至 31%


對 AMD 來說,x86 架構處理器市場佔有率提升,絕對是不錯的好消息。就 Passmark 的數據來看,AMD 在 Ryzen 處理器推出之後,其市場佔有率提升了 10.4%;換句話說,就是 Intel 的處理器市場佔有率下滑 10.4%。

上一次兩家 x86 架構處理器市場佔有率最接近的時間點是在 2006 年第一季,而在那之後,Intel 就一直往上攀升,而 AMD 則是持續下滑到 2016 年第三季的 17.5% 後才開始反彈。雖說反彈,但是在 2017 年第二季前,整個市場佔有率也沒有突破 20%。

Passmark 提供的參考數據有以下幾個前提:

– This graph counts the baselines submitted to us during these time period and therefore is representative of CPUs in use rather than CPUs purchased.

– The Quarters are by the calendar year rather than financial. (i.e. Q1 starts January 1st)

– Baselines can be submitted from anywhere therefore these are global statistics.

– We do receive a small number of submissions of CPU types other than AMD and Intel however the percentage is so small as to make it not worth graphing. This combined with rounding off the percentages to 2 decimal places will account for each quarter not always adding up to exactly 100%.

– This chart only includes x86 processors and does not include other chip architectures these manufacturers may sell.

– This chart only includes CPUs installed into PCs and does not include game consoles.

– As the PerformanceTest software only runs on Windows OS and counts on user submitting their benchmarks. This chart may be non reflective of non Windows user base.

簡單來說,這些數據不代表實際銷售情況,主要是處理器使用回饋;同時這些數據僅針對 Windows 作業系統,畢竟 Passmark 這套測試軟體只能在該作業系統下運行。

第四季的情況可能會讓人更為在意,畢竟 Intel X299、AMD X399 以及 Intel Z370 平台都將陸續到位。

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Ryzen 處理器助 AMD 將市場佔有率提升至 31%

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