這樣也行?Intel 花76.8億美元收購防毒大廠 McAfee

這樣也行?Intel 花76.8億美元收購防毒大廠 McAfee

曾幾何時,McAfee也有過風光的時期,與SymantecTrend Micro等大廠分庭抗禮,隨著防毒市場競爭激烈,McAfee也慢慢不被世人關注,但昨天(8/19)卻傳出,Intel以每股48美元,約76.8億美元的代價收購McAfee,使McAfee成為Intel的子公司之一。

1987年創立的McAfee是全球最大的資安廠商之一,旗下事業橫跨個人電腦、手機、企業網路等多項領域,在2009年時,McAfee仍有20億美金的收入。或許台灣的用戶對McAfee越來越陌生,想買到McAfee的防毒軟體也比較困難,但McAfee在資安界的影響力,不亞於同為美國三大防毒軟體的Symantec賽門鐵克)與Trend Micro趨勢科技)。而這次McAfeeIntel以76.8億美金買下來,對Intel而言,是為了加強在資安方面的技術,提供用戶更好的安全服務。但也不免讓人感覺,Intel也有可能想插手資安市場這一塊。而Intel也發表聲明,接下來McAfee將會維持自有品牌,以Intel子公司的姿態繼續營運下去。而Intel的CEO Paul Otellini則表示,「凡是我們賣出CPU的地方,就有販售資安軟體的可能」。

Intel收購之前,McAfee也收購了兩家專精於移動平台安全服務的軟體公司:Trust Digital 和 tenCubeTrust Digital 以 iPhone 平台的安全服務為主,而 tenCube 則是智慧型手機安全軟體 WaveSecure(十方防盜神) 的生產商。Intel很有可能是為了開發或是增強MeeGo作業系統的安全服務,藉著收購McAfee來得到相關技術及資源。對Intel而言,收購McAfee或許有其他考量,但肯定不是為了賣咖啡而買。小編推測,也許Intel希望能讓資安軟體能與硬體做更緊密的合作,或許會像是當初AMD推出NX bit,從硬體的層級去阻止緩衝區溢位攻擊的方式。但最後會如何,沒有人說得準。Intel還有什麼招數沒使出來,大家都在等著瞧。


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21.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:27)


Besides, do you know how hurtful it is? I've been thinking about committing suicide everyday and every second. Not to mention, crying all the times. 30 pounds loss. can hardly walk to the outside, and all the humiliation & harshness I have been taken behind the scene. I can survive till now, only because I took lots of medicines everyday. Can you understand the suffering?

And I have no ideas how he can get pastor wife's email address? through hacking into my email account? Did he sound sorry? or threatening? How dare of him to talk about God now. And what a sneaky liar! "IF I FLIRTED?" What does that mean? He said "I am hard. Are you wet? I like to use my tongue to lick you ..........

And I don't even have the chance to slap him or yell at him on the face or through the phone. They are the ones who made the mistakes, also the ones yelled at me and threatened me. There are no three of us needed to pick the pieces of the mess. ONLY ME. He totally recovered and has been doing lots of publicities. It seems like he's doing this to @#$%&! me off or to hurt me more by saying "see, I am OK. The company didn't mind. Suzy didn't mind. If you wanna die, it's not my business."

Apple is the best! Symantec shall look after their own shit business. Oh, right. Symantec is launching Norton everywhere for smartphone users. No Wonder. But what if the rumor is true that A SECURITY COMPANY IS ACTUALLY A HACKER COMPANY?

寄件者: David Freer
主旨: RE: this is the way you say sorry?
副本: lily
日期: 2010年2月16日,二,下午2:20

Firstly I apologise to both you and the pastors wife for having dragged you into a very large mess in my life.

I again very sincerely apologise for the hurt and damage I have done to you. I understand that your trust in men and your feelings are destroyed.

If I flirted with you on February 2nd then I did not mean to do that, I also apologise – it was never my intention to do that.


Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:00 PM
To: David Freer
Cc: lily
Subject: RE: this is the way you say sorry?

Have you thought from the beginning all i want is a sincere apology? but you wouldn't give it to me.

If i want a revenge, i would do it a week ago - to tell suzy, to tell janice, to tell people who work at symantec.


--- 10/2/16 (二),David Freer 寫道:
寄件者: David Freer
主旨: RE: this is the way you say sorry?
副本: lily
日期: 2010年2月16日,二,上午6:14
God talks about compassion, if you have any it is time to allow all three of us to pick up the pieces of this mess and move on with our lives.


From: Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 11:34 PM
To: David Freer
Subject: this is the way you say sorry?

i don't know what you told suzy about to let her believe you & even say @#$%&! off on me. it shall be me to say @#$%&! off on you!

22.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:32)

???: Suzy Walsham
??: RE: Our common friend - David Freer (you deserve to know the truth & facts)
??: 2010?2?17?,?,??2:30
He lied then - he left Kristina for me. We started dating straight away, in August 2005. We broke up a few times when I realised he was still in regular contact with Kristina, but we have been together non-stop since August 2006. I am sorry to say, but he had an affair with you - he didn't want you to know about me because he was scared you would try to contact me. I am very interested in seeing the emails that he wrote to you - seeing as he is making out he was never serious about you. ________________________________________
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:26 PM
To: Suzy Walsham
Subject: RE: Our common friend - David Freer (you deserve to know the truth & facts)
i questioned him about this too. he denied you are the one who broke up his previous relationships. I am 3rd unsuspected one? So, you can tolerate this, then I have nothing to say. good luck!
--- 10/2/17 (?),Suzy Walsham ??:
???: Suzy Walsham
??: RE: Our common friend - David Freer (you deserve to know the truth & facts)
??: 2010?2?17?,?,??2:18
By the way, you were the 3rd unsuspecting person from the beginning. David broke up with Christina to be with me. We have been together many years. He asked me to marry him in July 08 and we got married in March 09.
23.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:36)

I am happy to know I was right about predicting Symantec's stock price and the furture trend. As I have pointed out a few times, I think cautious investers shall definitely wait for the earnning result on July 28. Let me repeat the reasons again! 1. Volume & price trend: whenever the price went down, the volume went up and vis ver sa. What does that mean? Isn't that Lesson 101? 2. The group president of Enterprise RESIGNED at the quarter end June 30 and no replacement has been announced yet nor the reason. Enterprise account for 65% profit and revenue. Last quarter must be bad for Enterprise, even consumer business might look good, simply becasue the sales is easily to manipulated as it's sell in rather than sell through. Besides, the bottom line probably is not good either, as current CEO only familiar with consumer business, so he put much more marketing budget than ever. Can you trust someone who only know the 35% of the business as the captain?

24.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:42)
他的超級好朋友,公開在Linked in 找工作!是的!也是ㄧ個亂七八糟的人!也約過我吃晚餐不只一次!我沒去而已,希望他如此desperated的舉動代表這是ㄧ個公義的世界,他也會得到他的處罰,正如我正在suffered我的錯誤判斷的處罰一樣 - 體重從58kg 掉到43kg,嚴重憂鬱,一天吃七顆藥,兩個多月無法出門,只能躺在床上,直到現在還會崩潰大哭,不知道何時才能走出這傷害

Just weirdly found out Michael Yell - Country and Regional Director for OEM, XSP and Services Business at Symantec Asia Pacific and Japan, who is also David Freer's closed business partner & personal friend more than decades (from Fujtisu to Symantec) is looking for a CEO/ GM job back to Austrilia. As I know he has worked very hard & finally get the chance to relocate back to Singapore a few months ago, after I reported David Freer. And his wife Jennifer Chan Yell just was eagerly looking for a permanent residence in Singapore. Why is he thinking of leaving? As most OZ people would like to move to Singapore to have higher income as huge tax deductions, that's why David Freer & Suzy Walsham did. That leaves a question: what happened in Japan? The biggest market in APJ? Everyone knows consumer business is the pearls in Symantec CEO's Enrique Salem's eyes, as this is the part he is only familiar with, also as enterprise sucks for the past 6 or 7 quarters. Now the group president of Enterprise left and senior management team is looking for job publicly on linkedin, I am really wondering what's gonna see in the earning results on Wed. Also, a silly question, would someone be able to dedicate to the job & lead the team, while everyone else and himself know he's leaving in 12 months or probably as soon as he found the job?
25.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:43)

btw, if anyone who happened to see the messages I post, I would like to ask you to call Symantec APJ +65 6333 6366 & ask for David Freer & Suzy Walsham (no matter you are going to speak for me or support them), as the operator is way out of the line (actually they don’t transfer any phone calls at all. No matter who you are asking for, for example, I asked for Michael Yell, who I happened to know quite well and asked me out for catch up dinner for a few times). They don't do the call transferring jobs anymore. As they admitted the instructions are not even from the regional HR head. Then, who is the one who’s so bold to give the instruction? What a corrupted company!

26.  Tast (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:46)
27.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:52)



Dump your share of Symantec, as the company didn't value ethics and integrity. It allowed David Freer (VP, Symantec - Norton, APJ) spent company money while dating with me (dinners, movies, lots of long distance phone bills, etc..). Even worse, he is a liar!

Symantec's board, CEO, CFO, consumer head Janice Chaffin (also came from HP) didn't care it at all, as they all received my complaints with evidences. They are not only never started the investigations, but also shut down the communication between me with the company and David Freer, Suzy Walsham, and all other emplyees (as I worked for Symantec before).

I think CEO not only demostrated his poor hiring ethical standard (probably even worse than Mark Hurb, at least Mark admitted he didn'tlive up to his own ethical standard),but also lack of the skills on decision making (it lasted 6 months till now vs. HP let go Mark Hurd such an important executives within a month), also lack of leadships, business directions. Just see Symantec stock falling fromo Feb. till now, which is a lot!!!!!!

The only thing CEO can do now is to buy Symantec's stock to save the price, what a poor CEO! While CFO & CIO both chosen to sell their stocks at this moment. Are you brave enough to buy Symantec stock now?

28.  Tast (發表於 2010年8月22日 23:53)
畢竟我會的最多也只有用GOOGLE的快速翻譯= =


29.  傳播系畢業生 (發表於 2010年8月23日 00:54)
最狂嘴砲戰鬥哥 Amola Li
30.  最狂嘴砲戰鬥哥 Amola Li (發表於 2010年8月23日 01:28)



關於David Freer,他的正式頭銜照strelaoz網友說法,大概會是「諾頓亞太暨日本地區,賽門鐵克消費者業務部門副總裁」,而現在用David Freer這名字當關鍵字去查資料,會先查出strelaoz在許多網站留下一連串憤怒的指控留言……唉。


Perhaps I'm still inexperienced and can't understand your grief and depression. But I promise to do my best to thoroughly investigate the incident.

God bless you.
p.s. I don't think I'm cold, but I know my English is pretty basic.
32.  黑眼bobo (發表於 2010年8月23日 13:44)


33.  Vic (發表於 2010年10月01日 11:17)
I feel sorry for what you've been through.
But I suggest you to move on while finding a chance to get justice. Hiddening youself away is not a good solution. He will definitely love to know you disappear. Be brave.
34.  strelaoz (發表於 2010年10月11日 23:15)
@ Vic,

I didn't disappear. He is the one disappear. What's your suggestion?
35.  可樂娜 (發表於 2012年4月10日 08:35)

suck it up! i dont think you would fuk David Freer if he wasn't CEO.
As a Taiwanese, Sham on you!
扛洋砲就算了, 還要大肆的告訴大家