Apple Mac mini Misprice Trouble

Apple Mac mini Misprice Trouble

The news immediately spreaded up like crazy on the internet, especially via the social network Plurk. People swarmed in and made orders, they were even buying multiple machines in a single deal.

Apple Mac mini Misprice Trouble

▲The problem web page of Apple Mac mini Server.

Apple Mac mini Misprice Trouble

▲Successful order been made.

Apple Mac mini Misprice Trouble

▲Contents of order been altered by Apple.

The Mac mini price tag error had not been fixed from about noon until late at night. However, many users who made the orders found out that Apple had modified their ordering records. The erroneous price tag was changed back to NT$47,710, even the product name been modified to "MAC MINI CTO" without any notice.

Taiwan users were outraged by Apple's action. The whole event is much like Dell's 19" LCD monitor trouble in June last year. In both case Taiwan consumer regulators have ordred the company to honor the price typos, Dell ended up apologized and offered discounts.

But in this time, it's been four days and Apple have not made any apology or formal announcement to the public.

Update: In July 27, the consumer regulators and Apple have made a negotiation.  And buyers who can be proved as academic users will be offered the special price NT$19,900 for only one unit of Mac mini Server.
Finally, Apple made an apology to the public, and says they value the academic users as much importance. Hopefully the whole thing has come to an end.


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